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New in Open Rails 1.5.1 (since 1.4)

Note: Version 1.5.1 is the same as Version 1.5 but fixes an extra 3 bugs.

A summary of the new and improved features can be found below.

Important bugs have been fixed in this release. Please keep reporting bugs and suggesting new features so Open Rails can continue to improve.


  • Container Loading and Unloading

What's been added

  • End Of Train (EOT) devices
  • Distributed Power display, in-cab and on webpage
  • Progress bar for timetable "pre-run"
  • HUD extended for diesel-mechanical loco

What's been improved

  • 64-bit compatibility lifting the 3GB RAM limit
  • Better use of VRAM

Other changes

  • F5 key now opens Driver Info window. For HUD, use Alt+F5
  • Some trial options are now always active including:
    • map window (Ctrl+9)
    • de-brief evaluation (F1)
    • web server

Contributors to this release

  • cesarBLG
  • cjakeman
  • Csantucci
  • DR-Aeronautics
  • FrannDzs
  • mbm-OR
  • peternewell
  • pzgulyas
  • Sharpe49
  • twpol
  • Weter-ORTS
  • YoRyan

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