UP SD70ACe train consist visiting the CN Ruel Subdivision
(Open Rails route in development)
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Key Changes in v1.5

Container loading and unloading

End Of Train (EOT) devices

64-bit compatibility lifting the 3GB RAM limit

Many more additions and improvements are listed here.


Jul 2023 Train Simulations publishes new Southern Pacific Shasta route.

Jan 2023 Portugal '79 has been published. This provides 1775km of broad gauge track, with full detail on 91km between Entroncamento and Alfarelos.

Jan 2023 New commercial route HSB Simulator published. This contains 87 miles of the Harz narrow-gauge railway, the longest narrow-gauge route network in Europe.

Nov 2022 Open Rails 1.5.1 released to fix 3 bugs in v1.5.

Nov 2022 Open Rails 1.5 released.

Jul 2022 Three new UK routes are now available for immediate download here.