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Project Roadmap

Here is an overview showing key elements of the project roadmap. Click on each one for the details in its Trello card.

There are many other elements which cannot fit into an overview and these can be found on our detailed Trello board.

Editors Operations Visuals Infrastructure
user-definable camera sets darkness in tunnels virtual filesystem
custom animations new 3D model format (glTF) remapping for RailDriver controls
web APIs for interactive content
v ?      
consist editor brakeman role ambient occlusion auto-save
loco and wagon editor fireman role multiple light sources self-installing content
v ?      
activity editor custom animation triggers distinguish steam and smoke better user-centred GUI
timetable editor realistic water
v ?      
terrain generator derailment/collision detection better MSTS/Kosmos environments multiple cameras concurrently
v ?      
route editor dispatcher/signalman role heat shimmer for exhaust support for plug-ins (traffic, people, defect detector)
timetable for multi-player static cameras multi-player server