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If we look beyond the Open Rails Development Team, who do we find?

Firstly, there are the people who have invested countless hours in developing and sharing more capable and more realistic models. They frequent the forums listed opposite and may have published many files of content. They've probably chosen Microsoft Train Simulator because it is more satisfying than its rivals. But Microsoft Train Simulator is a dead end and this band of enthusiasts have been hoping that Open Rails might give their interest a new lease of life; one that is potentially unlimited.

Then there are others who perhaps have come more recently to the hobby. It's a long time since 2001 and they find Microsoft Train Simulator unreliable and awkward compared to modern products. But Open Rails is robust, shows much promise and its open nature is more appealing than commercial products, so they follow its progress on the forums.

We have commentators on the whole train simulator world, such as Nicholas Ozorak's video library At The Railyard. For his independent opinion, watch this video review of Open Rails.

Finally we have the experts who collaborate to produce quality models for sale - for more, see Trade.

Communities Supporting Open Rails

Bulletin boards provide support for Open Rails, offering forums and file downloads.

These boards have forums and files dedicated to Open Rails:


See also these boards which support Microsoft Train Simulator: