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New in Open Rails 1.4 (since 1.3)

A summary of the new and improved features can be found below.

Important bugs have been fixed in this release. Please keep reporting bugs and suggesting new features so Open Rails can continue to improve.


  • Monogame graphics replace XNA with support for ReShade and more memory
  • Web server providing train data for web pages on other devices
  • Train Driving display in-game and on other devices
  • More realistic vacuum braking
  • Trainspotting camera including train-following car

What's been added

  • Analogue clocks suitable for 2d cabs and for buildings
  • Smooth transitions for signal lamps that blink
  • Letterboxing for 2D cabs
  • Tilted digital displays in 2D cabs
  • Manual braking for individual wagons
  • Large ejector for charging vacuum brakes
  • Eames vacuum brake
  • Overcharge braking position
  • Russian and Brazilian Portuguese languages
  • Advanced call-on for signalling
  • USA horn blow sequence for AI trains
  • Turntables in timetable mode
  • Map window for timetabled trains
  • Timetable briefings
  • Manual index

What's been improved

  • Vacuum brakes, EP braking and air braking
  • Visual effects for steam ejectors
  • Improved water troughs
  • Scripted train control system (TCS)
  • Sound events for gear positions, injectors, fireman etc.
  • Traction braking display

Detailed changelog

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