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The Project Team

As described here, there are many different and valuable roles played by the team members. Membership is not automatic but by invitation; you work with us and show us your potential and we'll issue an invitation. We enjoy a private forum to exchange ideas and discuss plans. (P.S. Thanks to Dave Nelson.)

Coding Sub-Team

A good way to get starting in coding work is to find a current bug on the Bug Tracker (one with status = Triaged), assign it to yourself and start work on fixing it. This may be less exciting than adding a new feature, but it will help you become familiar with parts of the code.

Although we get notified automatically, it's a good idea to post a message on the Elvas Tower forum because members often respond with ideas for navigating the code, understanding the bug, fixing it or testing it.

If your solution appears to fix the problem, then make a Pull Request to the repository so we can review it and include it in the code.

Bugs Needing Attention


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