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Three Versions of Open Rails

Three versions of Open Rails are readily available to users, as shown below:

For first-time users, we recommend the Stable Version which comes with an installer.


Whichever version you choose, Open Rails has a mechanism to notify you of new versions and to update Open Rails for you. You will find the settings for this mechanism in Menu > Options > Update

Open Rails will check for updates at most once a day. If an update is found, then you can install the update just by clicking on the link in the top, right corner:

Testing Version

If you follow the Open Rails project on the forums, then you will hear about bug-fixes and new features. These are included in the Unstable Version for developers and testers to try out. Once they have been checked and approved, they are published (on Friday) as the latest Testing Version. Any user can easily update to the current weekly Testing Version and benefit from these improvements.

Recent Code Changes

  • T1.5.1-263-gd19a96a3d Merge pull request #770 from cjakeman/website-ctn-updates
    adds page for tutorial: Build Your Own Route
    • 453cdcdc adds page for Build Your Own Route
  • T1.5.1-261-g5072d724b Merge pull request #768 from sweiland-openrails/map_in_browser
    OpenRailway Map enhancements
    • bc8aea47 Changed the class methods to PascalCase and the method parameters to camelCase
    • 41c9f261 Changed the documentation
    • a0eae374 PascalCase for al C# items
    • 5fdb384c Storing map webpage layer choice in the HTML Web Storage instead of the registry
    • 5e4989c1 Merge branch 'map_in_browser' of into map_in_browser
    • 0ca48fb8 Documentation added for webapi OpenRaillway Map
    • cd34de67 Merge branch 'map_in_browser' of into map_in_browser
    • 5d8ea22f Enhancements for OpenRailway Map:
      - added web browser tab Open Rails icon (favicon)
      - changed locomotive icon, now three icons: steam, electric, diesel
      - added locomotive direction arrow
      - added three OpenRailway layers to choose from: maximum speed, guage and electrification. Choice stored in registry and used the next opening of the map.
      - added three layers with Open Rails data: track, named and rest. Choice also stored.
      Don't know if these layers are usefull, anyway they can be switched on and off again.
      Names of the layers are not translateble, is that a problem? Would be hard to implement.
      For some routes the track layer takes too much performance from the web browser because of tracks size (for instance the MECoast line). But it gives you an idea of the layout of the track in the real world.
      On the Ruebelandbahn for the "RLB Schneepflug Fahrbar" the locomotive arrow on the map is in the wrong direction (180 degrees). I can't find out why. Not seen this for any other locomotive.
  • T1.5.1-251-gfd53951b7 Merge pull request #735 from Sharpe49/feature/battery-switch-defaulton
    Added new parameter for battery switch
    • b9a0ea30 Added new parameter for battery switch
  • T1.5.1-249-gad1c4e33f Merge pull request #719 from Sharpe49/upgrade-monogame
    Upgraded to MonoGame 3.8.0 (+ small update for other libraries)
    • 0f4d9757 Update
    • 44a37fa3 Change Git attributes
    • bc22a20f Moved the dotnet tool restore command to the PostBuildActions.cmd file
    • 4602a6b2 Changed AppVeyor CI file to restore dotnet tools
    • 504f9282 Upgraded to MonoGame 3.8.0
  • T1.5.1-243-g3ffb9bc10 Merge pull request #760 from twpol/feature/editorconfig-2022
    Updated EditorConfig with .NET and StyleCop analyzer configuration
    • 113dd63c chore: Add StyleCop analyzer configuration to match custom code style
    • 0304a434 chore: Add .NET analyzer configuration to match custom code style
    • c8d3a853 chore: Update to latest EditorConfig template
  • T1.5.1-239-g951c47025 Merge pull request #764 from twpol/feature/bug-1471416-sky-dome-smooth
    fix: Improve sky dome distortion causing bug #1471416
    • 5f9a01bb fix: Cloud dome now extends same distance past horizon as sky dome

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The current Testing Version can also be downloaded as a Zip archive:


27 January 2023, 91MB

Note: Multiple versions of Open Rails will not interfere if they are saved to different folders.

Unstable Version

To support development, the latest unstable version is also available. This is updated whenever developers submit a change for consideration. This and previous unstable versions are available as a change log and individual downloads. The unstable versions are more likely to contain serious bugs and are only recommended for users wishing to help with Open Rails development.


Improvements to Open Rails are drawn from several public sources as shown here:

We try to make sure that these changes all work and fit together by reviews as marked in orange in the diagram.