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Three Versions of Open Rails

Three versions of Open Rails are readily available to users, as shown below:

For first-time users, we recommend the Stable Version which comes with an installer.


Whichever version you choose, Open Rails has a mechanism to notify you of new versions and to update Open Rails for you. You will find the settings for this mechanism in Menu > Options > Update

Open Rails will check for updates at most once a day. If an update is found, then you can install the update just by clicking on the link in the top, right corner:

Testing Version

If you follow the Open Rails project on the forums, then you will hear about bug-fixes and new features. These are included in the Unstable Version for developers and testers to try out. Once they have been checked and approved, they are published (on Friday) as the latest Testing Version. Any user can easily update to the current weekly Testing Version and benefit from these improvements.

Recent Code Changes

  • T1.4-524-g50f43621b Merge pull request #646 from cesarBLG/brake-controller-mrp
    Fix issue with brake controller pressure
    • 5d22bbe6 Add warning for incompatible brake valves
    • 0f890b05 Add missing change
    • 0cbbc613 Further corrections regarding main res pressure
    • 89e82a82 Use main reservoir pressure instead of main res pipe pressure
  • T1.4-519-g16d3fbcb8 Merge pull request #642 from FrannDzs/spanish-localization
    Update es.po (menu)
    • 151caea1 Update es.po
      Added missing quotation marks.
    • daa81a5c Update es.po
      Fixed last commit with obsolete translation.
    • 3f2e60c2 Update es.po
      Corrected some expressions and minor fixes.
    • be96bcbc Update es.po
      More fixes, some texts did not fit in the boxes.
    • cedbc135 Updated es.po
      - Clima aleatorio > Aleatorizaci├│n de clima
      - Temporada: > Estaci├│n:
    • 71984a17 File cleaning
    • 4933bae2 Updated es.po
      Rebuilt and updated with latest version of the template.
    • 35723928 Merge branch 'openrails:master' into spanish-localization
    • d734c9be Update es.po
      - Alerta en la cabina > "Hombre Muerto" en cabina
    • 79016dc8 Update es.po
      - Mensajes de configuraci├│n "verbosed" de ENG/WAG >Mensajes de configuraci├│n detallados de .ENG/.WAG
      - Nombre: > Nombre
    • 734adba6 Updated
      - Sombra para todas las formas > Sombras para todas las "shapes" (objetos estáticos)
    • 91dbe9f0 Update es.po
      This fixes a string from the previous commit. (Aleatorizaci├│n de clima > Clima aleatorio)
    • 4899beb4 Update es.po
    • 908567cb Update es.po
      - Recompiled with Poedit
    • be0e0818 Update es.po
      - Luminosidad de luz de se├▒alizaci├│n > Resplandor de luces de se├▒alizaci├│n
    • acf49272 Update es.po
      Unnecessary spaces eliminated.
      Fixes for text strings not fitting correctly in buttons/boxes.

See more code changes

The current Testing Version can also be downloaded as a Zip archive:


20 May 2022, 81MB

Note: Multiple versions of Open Rails will not interfere if they are saved to different folders.

Unstable Version

To support development, the latest unstable version is also available, which is updated as and when we make changes to it. Previous unstable versions are available. The unstable versions are more likely to contain serious bugs and are only recommended for users wishing to help with Open Rails development.


Improvements to Open Rails are drawn from several public sources as shown here:

We try to make sure that these changes all work and fit together by reviews as marked in orange in the diagram.