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UP7964 leads 'K' Liner on LSRC (Michigan)
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Open Rails is a train simulator that supports
the world's largest range of digital content.


Multiple languages are available for all text and menus.

Accurate behaviour for steam, diesel and electric traction including trains with multiple locos.

Signals which correctly protect the train and permit complex timetabled operations.

Multi-user mode in which any timetabled train can be driven in person or by computer.


Jun 2015 The Australian Great Zig Zag Railway released for Open Rails v1.0

May 2015 Open Rails 1.0 released! Download it here.

Apr 2015 Open Rails first demonstration route Demo Model 1 has been published.

Dec 2014 Dekosoft Trains has added locos exclusively for Open Rails to its range. These are GP30 diesels taking advantage of our 3D cab feature.

July 2014 The legacy graphics-heavy web site has been replaced by one based on Bootstrap which is both easier to maintain and suitable for phones and tablets as well as PCs.

You can still see an archive of the old site.


Demo Model 1

This video records a player driving the first Open Rails demonstration route and providing a voice-over commentary.

Video Review At The Railyard

In his Series 5, Nicholas Ozorak publishes a review of the fictional Full Bucket Line running in Open Rails.

See more with this YouTube search.

Open Rails Version 0.9

Improvements arriving in v0.9 of Open Rails are demonstrated by one of the project team.