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UP SD70ACe train consist visiting the CN Ruel Subdivision
(Open Rails route in development)
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Open Rails: free train simulator that supports
the world's largest range of digital content.

Key Changes in v1.3

Timetables can join and split trains to form new trains

Mouse control for 3D cabs

Working transfer tables

Activity evaluation

Separate files for extensions to activity files

Many more additions and improvements are listed here.


Dec 2020 A detailed guide to making activities backed by videos and data files for the Siskiyou Route has now been released.

Nov 2020 Wagons can now be braked individually as on the oldest railways. This can be experienced in 2 scenarios - Stephenson's Rocket at Rainhill Trials and Langley Vale Timber Tramway.

Apr 2020 After more than a year of work the free, restored and improved Siskiyou Route is once more available.

Apr 2019 ENG files published with accurate physics for 176 USA diesel locos.

Mar 2018 Geoff Rowlands found a way to model 3D controls so they can be grabbed by the handle as in this video.

Nov 2017 Open Rails trialled with Monogame instead of XNA uses less RAM and give higher frame rates.


Video Review At The Railyard

In his Series 5, Nicholas Ozorak publishes a review of the fictional Full Bucket Line running in Open Rails.

See more with this YouTube search.