Experimental Release

Most users should download the 'Development Release' here. The development release is a 'work in progress' on which we have done a fair amount of testing and checking. However, this testing takes time and limits how often we can do releases. So in addition to the regular tested 'Development Release', we provide a more frequent untested 'Experimental Release'. This enables the more adventurous to access our latest developments quickly and gives us early feedback on problems.

Please understand, that these 'Experimental Releases' may work, or may not. Some releases may accidentally degrade performance or break something that used to work. Note also that some experimental features may not be retained and for many possible reasons might disappear from the final development release. Your feedback on bugs is welcome. Please report them here. All feedback should should clearly reference the X. version number.

We highly recommend that you install this package in a separate directory from your 'Development Release' so you can go back to it if needed. And there is a slim possibility that a bug might actually damage your route or rolling stock files. Ensure you have good backups.

Downloads for Latest Experimental Release

These experimental releases are created weekly, at 6PM on Fridays (GMT). If you can't wait until the weekend for a new release, get it from our SVN repository.

Revision History Since Last Development Release and Last Experimental Release

View the full revision history on our SVN server. See the access instructions here.