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Open Rails software is designed to be compatible with all MSTS routes. Use the standard MSTS route building tools and techniques to build routes for Open Rails. An Open Rails World Editor is a way into the future.

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Open Rails software uses the same shape files and texture files as MSTS. All your familiar MSTS model building tools, i.e. 3DC, TSM, 3DMAX, and GMAX will all work. Create WAG, ENG, S and SD files as you have always done.

3D Modeling Software

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Signalling in OR is now fully compatible with MSTS. AI control is also mostly compatible, and there have been some significant enhancements in both AI and player train control. There are some important changes to certain operating aspects, in particular on operation of manual switches during an Activity. For full details please see the OR manual.

As for an Open Rails Activity Editor, well, that's the next step after we reach v1.0.

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Today there are only a few features available to content developers which are specific to Open Rails - except, of course, the ability to accept significantly higher model poly counts without the need to divide the model into sub-objects.

When we reach the stage where new capabilities for rolling stock or scenery objects dictate a separation of MSTS and Open Rails content, we will release 'Open Rails Compatible' logos to identify content is only compatible with Open Rails.

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Open Rails still has a few limitations and incomplete features with respect to MSTS compatibility. We are planning substantial enhancements beyond MSTS - specifically great water visuals, advanced model shaders and procedural terrain and roads, etc.. We'll implement these in a way that doesn't break backward compatibility.

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