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Changes brought in by Open Rails 1.0 (since 0.9)

New features are listed below. However, effort has also gone into better sound, environment, enhancing performance to cater for larger and more detailed models and, of course, updating the manual. Many models take advantage of quirks in Microsoft Train Simulator, so much effort has also gone into handling these tricky cases and in eliminating unexpected behaviour in activities.

New features in Open Rails 1.0

System Additions

We now recommend installation through the new installer as it's simpler, but the old method using a zip file continues to be available. The installation now offers to update itself and you can control updating in detail. Also the Saves you make during the game are no longer invalidated once the installation is updated, although re-loading them cannot be guaranteed.

You can now choose from 9 languages which are used throughout the product.

When loading a route, the old console window has been replaced by a loading screen with an image of the route and a progress bar which becomes active after the first time of loading.

When driving, you can now operate the cab controls using a mouse as well as the keyboard.

Environment Additions

Rain and snow can be blocked from falling inside buildings and tunnels and we can hear the rain fall. Fog is more realistic and fog and rain intensity can be adjusted in game. We have added support for KOSMOS clouds.

3D cabs and their controls are now available.

Detailed Changelog

A full list of changes is available.

Operation Additions

Diesels with gearboxes are now supported along with bail-off valves and brake-pipe angle cocks.

Activities which start with the player's train in motion are also now supported.

An odometer has been added so you can check that the rear of your train has passed a location.

Some major additions have been made. In the new "Autopilot mode" for activities, the player's train can be driven automatically as though it were an AI train which is very helpful when testing activities.

There are now facilities for AI trains to carry out coupling, uncoupling and helper operations.

Perhaps the most significant addition is the new "Timetable Mode", which is an alternative to conventional activities. Timetable Mode makes it easy to schedule a busy day of services and adopt any one of them to be the player's train.

Steam Locomotive Additions

Steam and smoke have been re-worked for more realism. They are now blown by the wind and chuff with the piston action.

All the cab controls can now be animated.

Support has been added for engines with superheaters, compound expansion and geared locos (e.g. Shay).